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Bill Mottola

Bill Mottola

Bill Mottola – Sales and Analysis

Bill’s roots began in San Diego California in the year 1978 when he was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V Mottola IV. With a rich family tradition in the Marine Corps, he learned discipline determination and courage early on. He then followed in his family’s footsteps and served in three Marine Corps military occupational specialty’s from artillery, to hazmat, to the School of Infantry Instructor. Bill has dedicated six wonderful years to the Marine Corps, and because of this experience he has been able to gain a distinct ability to lead as well as have the humility to listen and follow those ahead of him. He has been able to grasp new ideas and learn other markets quickly and efficiently thus taking him to more than 12 countries and over 32 states domestically. Because of this travel experience he has been able to learn new cultures as well as gain insight into numerous business practices foreign and domestic.

When the War on Terror was initialized Bill was recalled by the Marine Corps and he welcomed the challenge. He started as a combat replacement instructor for the volunteers that wanted to serve their country again. After one year he became a troop handler assisting those volunteering civilians when they had to make their transition back into the Marine Corps. Bill is obviously a strong minded and tough individual, yet he also has an uncanny ability to communicate charismatically. He’s a combination of discipline and humility, making him a very dynamic individual.

Bill went from training Swat team techniques in the Marine Corps to management in the business world, a transition that he made seamlessly as he carried over that same penetrating focus, drive, and determination. He has held several positions from sales manager, to Marketing Associate, International Sales Representative, and Independent Military Contractor. After working for several multimillion and fortune 500 companies such as Lawson Products and Monosol, Bill has pinpointed his focus into his new found territory for Aarson as our arm in San Diego California.

Bill has a strong opinion about the current status of small businesses in America. If you ask him he will tell you that small businesses are, “slipping by the way side,” and “been forgotten.” He’s taken it as his personal duty to jump on board with Aarson to be able to give small businesses a chance to compete with the larger entities. His motto is simple. “The customer’s success is my own success.” The San Diego location will be run by his drive and motivation.

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