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Joeseph V Mottola IV

Joseph V Mottola IV

Joseph V. Mottola IV. – Vice President of Contract Acquisitions

In the world of business, occasionally you will meet interesting people that have accomplished amazing acts of patriotism and valor. Joseph V. Mottola IV. is one of those people. Joe’s passion for people and enthusiasm for delivering on promises made to them is what most people see right away when they meet him. He usually only asks for 1% of your trust, the other 99% is collected not long after that. Joe is a straight shooter. If something is not right, he feels it is his duty to inform you about it, and almost always has a fix to address it (this explains his persistence).

Looking back into Joe’s history, people begin to understand the level of courage, loyalty, and integrity of his character. The oldest of 7 children, Joseph V. Mottola IV grew up in Southwest San Diego. He joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17, specializing in Fire-Crash-Rescue / Sea- Air Rescue. Joe was the 50th Marine in his family, and Joe’s son became the 63rd to join the Corps. The next chapter of his life was going to be devoted to education.

Joe attended university of Miami and studied chemistry/ fire science. Then at Texas A&M He attended Wild Well Control School (oil well/ gas fire suppression). After college, Joe went to work for the United States Government for the next few years.

While employed by the Department of Defense/ Nuclear Defense Agency, Joe met and signed on with Red Adair Company as a fire suppression specialist in oil well fire suppression. After blowing out oil well fires in 34 countries around the world, Joe crushed his 5th lumbar and retired from that life to enter the world of business building. Over the next several years, he invested his time learned sales and marketing through motivational courses and seminars to include: Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Napolean Hill, Norman Vincent Peele, Tony Robbins, and Robert Schuller. Joe applied his talents and new found wealth of knowledge to improve sales production for many companies around the Tampa Bay Area. As a sales consultant to businesses ready to expand further, Joe’s formulas for increasing sales volume are sought after like the “Golden Goose”. His Spirit of giving back to the community speaks for itself. Employees of Joe genuinely love him and look up to him for his leadership. The level of commitment and courage to do the right thing is what has made him a success in any business he is involved in. Joe’s dedication to the companies that reach out to him is sincere and valuable.

Joe was awarded a Presidential Commendation by President Jimmy Carter 1980 then again by President George W. Bush in 2004. It’s not hard to see why it would be easy to give him the 1% of trust he will ask you for …he has earned it. If you have any doubts, just GOOGLE his name.

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