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Dependable hosting is just as essential as your website itself. Every second your hosting server is down, you could be losing potential business. Backup power systems and gas generators have been put in place to ensure your website will remain on the web 99.8% of the time. Your website will be hosted in a secure location protected against theft, power outages, and other devastating elements.

Scanning will be done frequently to stop unwanted intruders and keep all data safe and secure. Both Windows and Linux hosting plans are available to meet every one of our clients specific needs.

Your Hosting Package will Include:

º Secure FTP to ensure fast and reliable access to your site.
º Advanced analytic reports of your site along with traffic analysis.
º Secure Ecommerce Capable Databases.
º Web based mail service and email forwarding.
º SSL Encryption available.
º MySQL Datatbase Configuration for Dynamic Websites.

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