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Internet Marketing

What separates us from all of the other companies in our industry is that we understand the concepts of marketing and implement them in our work 100% of the time. It is one thing to have a website or even be on the first page of Google for a couple key phrases, but if your site is not giving you the return you were promised it may be because there was little or no planning as to who and where the site would be aimed towards.

It is very important to not only have a target location but a target audience as well. If your product caters to pregnant women, your site should be geared towards moms. If you repair lawn mowers and tractors, your site should be geared towards home owners and property maintenance companies. Without a realistic target, your site will end up lost on the web like every other poorly built site.

We will set goals for your site and work to meet them within deadlines. Once we have met our goals, we will get back in touch with you and figure out what area or key phrase to target next. SEO is a long term marketing campaign unlike a print advertisment that is ran once and done with. The value in all of this is how accurately everything can be tracked.

With Google analytics it is possible to see what areas of your site have been visited most, how much time people are spending on your site, what cities are finding your site, and much more. This puts us in the power seat and ensures your campaign is running efficiently and not costly.

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