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Web Design and Development Q and A

Q:  How long will it take to get on the first page?

A:  Sometimes I feel like a broken record when it comes to this subject. SEO done correctly just takes time. How much time you ask! If you want good solid placement on the Search Engines within local vicinity, expect to run your campaign for at least a year. That’s not saying you won’t be seen on the search engines for a year. You may start coming up as soon as a month or two after being launched, but to get you there and create a good solid platform, it takes time!!!!!

Q:  How long does it take to design a web site?

A:  Well, that really depends on what type of site you will be purchasing. If all you need is a four page basic html site, expect it to take one to three weeks. However if you are getting into a higher dollar ecommerce site or database site, it could take a few months to develop. Ninety percent of our clients require a small to mid size website and from date of the contract signing to the day of launch expect a month of developing.

Q:  Will I have to maintain my website after it is built?

A:  If you have no intension of being seen on search engines, your maintenance will be very minimal. The only time you will need to make modification to your site is if you want to change an element on the site. However if you want traffic for your site, you will need to run at least a year long SEO campaign to optimize all aspects of the site and develop your sites rankings within the search engines. Fortunately for you, we have professionals on staff to make sure your website gets the proper amount of attention monthly.

Q:  What is a spider?

A:  You may have heard people in the industry use the term “search spider” or “web spider” and been confused as to the meaning. Google, Yahoo, and, MSN have billions of search spiders that go out and crawl the web scanning through billions of pages and storing that data in one main database. When you search for a phrase on the internet it isn’t scanning for those things right when you click search. You would be waiting for months to get your search results. Everything has been predetermined and organized in one main database. The search spider’s sole purpose is to collect all of this data by scanning over the entire web again and again.

Q:  How do I choose my keywords?

A:  Every business has a different set of qualities that make it stand out from all the other businesses in that industry. We believe the only way to achieve success is to take the time with every one of our clients to study their niche and create a unique strategy for that particular company.

Q:  How can I speed up the SEO process?

A:  You can never speed up the SEO process without running the risk of harming your end results. However if you need to get traffic now and can afford to wait for the SEO to take its affects, we do recommend you try an SEM campaign. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing also known as Ad words and we can set you up for an account and manage that account for you to ensure best results.

Q:  I get a dozen calls a week from people who do the same thing as you. How do I know who to choose?

A:  A few months ago called around to a few hundred web design firms all around the country to get a price quote for a few types of websites and I spoke to the representatives from the firms getting a feel for how they conduct business. To my experience there are different levels of commitment from each of these firms. Some just want you to give them your money and in return they want to give you a site and be done. While others have extensive customer service support and are there for their clients. I cannot speak on the behalf of the other firms out there, but our goal is to be with you every step of the way. As your business grows, we want to be there with you. One sided relationships will never last whether in business or elsewhere.

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